'INDICABLE' is a computer programming site.


  1. Founded March 14, 2013.
  2. Projects "Splat" and "Shell Shock: 'Plane Green" announced July 24, 2014.



Founded upon exemplarist, explicit programming -- 'Splat' is a C++ game development library.

Splat's Core

Vector (dynamic list) movement, functionality, diffusion and reference are dynamically integrated within a core which leverages performance to a degree never achieved before Splat.

Splat's Example Library

Rather than being designed for least modification (i.e. software framework), Splat deviates from didactively adverse programming. Splat is about being modified and specialized as most possible. Consequentially, Splat programs must be explicit, purposeful, easy to understand and modify. Examples are fundamental to Splat.

Shell Shock: 'Plane Green

Game about cultivation and affluenza. 'soon to be developed.

Thought Geese